So, have you ever wondered about what happened after someone reported that they’d brought in all their green tomatoes? Did they really ripen or did the blogger simply neglect to report that they all rotted, or that they all stayed green until Christmas, when they were finally thrown out, still unripe?

One week ago, when first picked
One week ago, when first picked

A week ago, as you may recall from my post here, a freeze was predicted so I pulled my remaining three tomato plants and harvested what I could. (Some had so successfully hidden from view they were already over-ripe and others just too immature to have any expectation they could ripen successfully.) When sorted by ripeness, I had one flat of comparatively ripe tomatoes and two full flats of completely un-ripe fruit.

Same tomatoes, one week after picking

Here’s how things look, one week later. One full flat of red ripe tomatoes, one half flat of ripe Lemon Boys (remembering that I used all of last week’s ripe Lemon Boys in a sauce, after taking the picture), about half the Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes have ripened, and one full flat still of completely un-ripe fruit. Time for more tomato sauce!

Lemon Boy mixture is in the CrockPot as we speak, and I realized that last week’s sauce really should have cooked down a bit more, so I’ll add that back in about halfway through and let it finish. Then I’ll whirl it around a bit with the immersion blender and freeze jars of it.

Of course, we’re also eating lots of tomatoes!  😉   And while it will seem perhaps sacrilegious, having grown up in the deep South, I’ve never actually eaten fried green tomatoes, so seems like maybe the time has come to remedy that.  Anyone have a good recipe?


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