After weeks last fall following Trim Healthy Mama (THM) pretty tightly (and losing 15 pounds), followed by several months of following more loosely, we finally stopped outright this past couple of weeks. Time for just a brief period of regular eating without having to give thought to whether it was low carb enough (or low fat enough) or whatever. Notice that with the exception of the trip to McDonald’s (remembering that this site IS about “real life” too!) the meals were all still what I’d call healthy real food.

But, that said, the couple of weeks of not following any particular eating plan (THM, or low-carb, or anything else) have resulted in a few of those lost pounds finding their way home again. So I’m gearing up mentally for more organized eating — thinking hard about coming up with a pattern of either low-carb days or THM days with a couple of days a week as simply “regular eating.” So stay-tuned!

In the meantime, here’s what we actually ate for lunch and dinner last week. (It might be noted that several meals were making use of various leftovers from our SuperBowl feast!) Oh, and in the “what was I thinking?!” realm, the two references to orzo below are a figment of my imagination. Orzo would have certainly been just fine in either of those meals, but what we really ate was couscous. Oh well. Now you’ve got two ideas!


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