We continue to be blessed with some wonderful food gifts—we have some fabulous proteins (such as crabmeat and scallops) in the freezer and received a whole host of produce including sugar snap peas, leeks, portobello mushrooms, baby bok choy, and asparagus among other things, so that’s driven our menu selections. Plus the savings on our grocery bill from all of the gifts let us splurge on some great grass fed steaks at our local meat market that we hadn’t had in an age. (They are SO good!)

I’ve also got a new sourdough starter going and baked my first couple of loaves of bread this past week, so that played into our menu as well, although I think I didn’t even note many of the dinners being accompanied by a skillet toasted, buttered sice of sourdough. Yum.

So…what have you been eating?


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