Here’s your peek at what we actually ate this past week. Although I’m actually a very big fan of meal plans (and there are some great ones over at The Search For Imperfection), for a good while now I’ve been “reacting” in essence to what I have in the fridge and freezer.

Some things tend to repeat more often based on circumstances — we’ve recently found a wonderful source for local grass-fed ground beef, direct from the ranch, at a price cheaper than crappy ground meat from the supermarket. At $3/pound, it’s literally about the least expensive option I have available for any meal (okay, a can of tuna might be less, but most any other proteins are going to be more) so it’s become my real fall-back for not only dinner but lunch also.

And while if I “planned” out my weeks meals and shopped accordingly, we’d likely have more variety, I’m using veggies that have been given to us and tending to buy whatever meats at the Natural Grocers are on sale so that I can better afford better quality meats. So we end up having chicken several times a week (or whatever) depending on what’s in the freezer. But this is all about “real life” so this way you see what we really did eat — well planned out or not. 😉


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