We were camping at the beginning of the week, so that’s reflected in “What we ate” although my “camp food” is a little different than most. I have a great camp kitchen and with the 2-burner propane stove I can cook pretty much like I would at home, just with an added emphasis on “combination” dishes to help minimize pots and pans to wash.

Our first night, Sunday, we heated up some spaghetti and meatballs I’d made at home, so that was easy and David always prefers spaghetti reheated anyway! 😉 We’d managed to keep our ice really well (more on that in an upcoming post) so we brought some leftovers home that had been kept plenty cold, so they factored into our meals for the rest of the week.

I also make more use of “convenience” foods when camping although maybe someday I’ll get organized enough to make those things like grilled chicken strips and pre-shredded cheese myself before we go. For now I figure that for a couple of times camping a year, a little food that I wouldn’t typically buy isn’t going to kill us. Just sharing our “real-life,” folks!


2 thoughts on “What we ate this week—Week 16

    1. Yeah, we’ve been on kind-of a blue-cheese potato binge lately since I bought a big container of the blue cheese crumbles at Costco to make them to go with our lamb at Easter. Still working on those crumbles and blue cheese potatoes seem to hit the table at least once (well, usually twice since it’s hard to make only 2 servings) a week. Nice to see you here!

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