It was a pretty “regular” week although it was our week to host Chris and Louise here for cards and dinner and I was swamped with work, so I opted for a ready-made lasagna from Costco. Along with some mixed (organic) salad greens and garlic knot rolls (also bought) it made a tasty dinner we all enjoyed. Maybe not as “real-food” as my ideal, but as I’ve always said, this is also real-life and I think it’s important to find the balance that works for you and your family.

The way I look at it, ANY meal that’s made from quality ingredients, ideally at home without odd additives, organic when possible is an improvement over the “standard” diet, so I try not to obsess over it. We eat what we’re offered when we’re someone’s guests and as you can see we still occasionally eat fast food or prepared convenience items by choice at home. But SO much less than in years past. That pan of lasagna is huge, so we’re actually having it again tonight (Monday) with another salad. No apologies here! 😉

What did YOU eat this week?


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