I’d picked up a bunch of cilantro when I was grocery shopping, so that influenced a couple of our menu items this week. (We, luckily, are among the folks who like cilantro, as distinct from those who find it tastes like soap!) My daughter shared some yummy pork cooked in a hatch green chile sauce in the slow cooker, so combined with my cilantro that just cried out for tacos one night (and leftovers one later day for lunch).

A surprise winner was Tuesday when I took a small hunk of leftover pork roast from last week, cut it into smallish chunks, heated with a bit of sliced onion and the last of the barbecue sauce from Avila’s birthday party. That “goop” was served over a baked sweet potato for David and some leftover mashed potatoes for me and was surprisingly good.

What fun things did YOU eat recently?


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