Real food?  You know, food that would have actually been recognizable to our grandparents when they were young.  Food that grew in real soil, animals that were raised on pastureland, eggs from chickens that spent their lives scratching in the dirt, fats that came from plants and animals, not a factory.

You know it’s what you should be eating!  (Or maybe you’re only just discovering the information to even suggest it’s what you should be eating.) But, let’s face it, those ideals and real life?  Not always an easy match. I talk a bit about our journey into real food , and here, and here so you might check out those posts.

How do you make it work?  How do you figure out what matters the most? Confused about raw dairy? Which things to focus on more than others?  What’s most affordable? How to cook foods that might have different characteristics than what you’re used to buying at the grocery store? How do you find your balance?

Is there really a way to eat more real food when your life is already so crazy busy?

What happens when you extend the concept beyond just food? Is there a way to lessen your dependence on chemicals for cleaning, laundry, your other day-to-day chores? Does any of that “alternative stuff” really work anyway?!?

Stay tuned, that’s what you’ll read about here.  I promise to tell you the truth, to the best of my knowledge and ability. We’re all in this together — let’s make it work!!

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